Indian couple getting engaged

Bombay Banquet Hall Engagement Ceremony

Traditional Indian Engagement Ceremony

An Indian engagement event is one of the multiple Pre Wedding Ceremonies in which the couple exchanges rings with each other. All the family and relatives of Aman and Parminder gather to celebrate the first formal party of the forthcoming wedding ceremony. Both the families were exchanging gifts, sweets and good wishes. The formal engagement ring event was done then to solemnize the engagement ceremony. The prospective bride and groom were then introduced to each other’s family.

Bombay Banquet Hall dinner and dancing

Bombay Banquet Hall is great for this kind of event, with lots of space, outside patio and decorated in a lavish manner. The dinner was served for all the family members and guests that were presented at this classic engagement ceremony. There was lots of dancing after the religious ceremonies for guests to enjoy. All in all, it was a fun-filled day time event and I’m super excited for Aman and Parminder. They looked absolutely stunning on the dance floor!

Venue | Bombay Banquet Hall


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