hall decorated for Lohri

Traditional First Lohri Celebration

First Lohri of Newlywed Couple in Grand Taj Banquet Hall

This is a very important part of Indian culture to celebrate the First Lohri for newlywed couples. Nathan and Sumeet invited me to capture this very important event. Their wedding was about six months ago and it was an honor to share this special day with them. All the immediate family members were invited. This is a fun and cheerful event for couples who for the first time celebrated this day after their marriage. There is usually so much dancing and singing around the bonfire, exchanging gifts and lots of pictures taken! Our couple set up a small bonfire pit on the dancing floor where the family members performed a few cultural songs and the official dancing started.


First Lohri of a Baby in Grand Taj Banquet Hall

The first Lohri of a newborn is a very special occasion in which all friends and family join to celebrate. It is usually performed late in the evening. I was especially happy to see so many familiar guests as it was a referral from Aman & Parminder whose engagement I did earlier. Sometimes this event is done at the parental home of the child in the presence of immediate family members and close friends. They all bring gifts for the baby and the new mother. This Lohri was done at New Era Banquet Hall in Surrey BC. I have captured so many beautiful events there!

Venue | New Era Banquet Hall, Surrey, BC

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