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Beautiful Backyard Indian + Norwegian Wedding

West Coast Indian + Norwegian Wedding

I met Nikki and Tobias before the wedding and had a great time during their engagement photo session. They were looking for Vancouver wedding photographers who had a lot of experience in cultural weddings. I must admit this was my first experience with Norwegian wedding traditions. It is amazing how people from different cultures and continents manage to find each other and fall in love. Tobias was wearing his traditional folk costume as well as his family and friends. They came straight from Norway for this celebration.

Mehndi, Choora and Maiyan

Nikki had her pre-wedding events scheduled for the same week as the wedding which I had a pleasure to photograph. These were the traditional Indian Mehndi, Choora and Maiyan ceremonies. There were a lot of family members and guests from out of town. Tobias dropped by unannounced on one of them for a moment to with a bouquet of flowers which was very sweet touch.

Traditional Indian Backyard Ceremony

Instead of doing the official ceremony in the temple they decided to do it at their own backyard. Sometimes families do it because it is hard to book the temple on a short notice as they get booked 2 or 3 years in advance. You can even see the adds online where couples are selling their booking for any reason as it is in great demand. Indian Backyard weddings are common in Vancouver as it is a more comfortable option because you can use the tent set up for the ceremony for all the events. Although it was mainly set up for the Indian wedding ceremony you could see the Norwegian wedding traditions were blended in smoothly. Groom and his family showed up under drum beat with a lot of folk dance moves!

Doli and Pani Varna

After the ceremony, we took a few pictures in their beautiful backyard and after quick Doli and Pani Varna we spent a few hours with all the guests taking pictures with the bride an groom. The wedding day was over at 9 pm and we were looking forward to the next day reception.  That was the wedding to remember!

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