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Why I shoot Film as a Wedding Photographer

Why Film Photography is the Best for Weddings

Even though most wedding photographers in the world today will primarily use digital cameras, there are some that love the beauty and uniqueness that film photography offers. So why is a combination of both film and digital the best for occasions like weddings and engagements? There are quite a few reasons that I believe that film photography is a great option for Weddings and Engagements.

First, there is just something about film wedding photos that gives them a timeless and romantic look after they are captured, even without any added filters or editing! As a Vancouver wedding photographer, I feel as though there is simply nothing better to create this unique look. If you have ever compared two photos side by side, one of the film and the other digital, you will be able to see the difference firsthand.

Artistic Style of Film Photography

Film photos have a unique look that is very different from digital photos. Some would even describe it as a “creamy” or “smoother” look, as opposed to a sharper image than that from a digital camera would give you. One reason for this is the chemical reaction of the film being processed is extremely different from the digital capture from a digital sensor.  Film photos have a timeless aesthetic that is not subjected to any of the “trendy” editing techniques or filters that digital images may be subjected to. That is why Fine Art wedding photographers use film for their wedding photography.

Another added benefit of film photography is the artistic style that it takes when using film cameras. It forces any photographer including wedding photographers to slow down and focus on certain factors that will help create a great image. Unlike with digital cameras that can very quickly take hundreds of images without any type of strategy involved. The film takes much more time and makes the wedding photographer much better and more methodical.

Nature Film Photography

It is not only I use film for wedding photography in Vancouver and area. I also shoot film when I spend time with my family, picnics and nature. I remember coming back from a trip having thousands of digital images. In the end, I found that I really need a few hundred of them. Everything changed when I started shooting on film. I spend more time enjoying nature and getting a perfect amount of images which are all the keepers.


Vancouver Film Wedding Photography

Of course combining the two, both digital and film is the best possible option. Events like weddings can be very fast-paced, and this is where having a quick digital camera alongside a film camera can be very useful. Wedding photography can be a difficult task sometimes. Between setup times and making adjustments, digital is much quicker than film. What you do not want is to miss any of those once-in-a-lifetime moments!

It has been my experience from shooting weddings in the Greater Vancouver area that a healthy mix of both film and digital photography creates an almost perfect medium to capture your special day. Film photographs can not only give you something different from digital. It is the process and style that will be enhanced as well. Although we now live in the digital age, simple film photography should not be overlooked and can give you that classic look that you will cherish forever!

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