Couple posing in the Campbell Valley park with barn at the back by wedding photographer

Campbell Valley Park Wedding & Engagement Photos Location

Campbell Valley Park, Langley, BC

Campbell Valley Park in Langley is the hidden gem for wedding and engagement pictures. I could spend there all day photographing couples, it is that good! First of all, it is really big and there are so many locations we can choose from. We can go deeper into the Park area for some privacy and be away from the general public. This park can be very busy at the weekends. But it is not necessary, as usually, all the beautiful spots for pictures tend to be available quickly.

I would definitely start from the South Entrance parking lot. We can leave our cars there and the first location is just a few steps. There are a small pond and the gazebo there with lots of shade for a sunny day and greenery for a nice backdrop. As I am writing this post in early April 2020, I visited this park in March and everything was in full bloom looking fantastic for wedding photos.

The next great location is just a 10 min walk or a short 1-minute drive. This is the Annand Rowlatt Farmstead on the 204 street. I prefer walking there and taking candid couple’s pictures as there are some fine views on the way.

Wooden Bridge Wedding Pictures

If time allows I would recommend driving to the other entrance to the park on 16 Avenue. It only takes a short walk to the wooden bridge with classic water views! You can see what I mean in the pictures below. This is a great spot for wedding or engagement pictures if there is an overcast day. This is where we can finish our photoshoot and catch the sunset depending on the season!

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