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UBC Rose Garden Engagement

 Vancouver Engagement photo session at UBC Rose Garden

I met with this sweet couple Garrett and Elena in the local Starbucks to discuss the different engagement photo ideas. They wanted to do a couple’s photo session with a mix of urban style and lots of greenery. UBC Rose garden engagement was one of the ideas and we never regretted it. We spent a few hours in this place I call the gem sometimes. There are virtually unlimited location opportunities where you can take a great photo. We explored the whole UBC Rose Garden and also found a few great spots along the Main Mall. On our way home we stopped by Westminster Pier Park. I decided to take a night shot by the iconic letter W which was Garrett’s favourite spot. Congratulations Garrett and Elena on your engagement!

The Love Story

We met when I started my new job and Garrett was assigned by our team lead to show me the ropes. We were spending a lot of time together during my first couple of weeks at work, he was always very patient and helpful. Also, he was so charming that I started to have butterflies in my stomach coming to work every morning. We started dating a few months later. I’ve learned a lot about hockey in the past 4 years and even became an Oilers fan (I kind of had to), and he started to watch Grey’s Anatomy…

How He Proposed

He took me for my “birthday weekend” getaway to Whistler a couple of days before my actual birthday as he had to go on a business trip and would miss my birthday. He took me to a beautiful hike, and booked a massage at a Scandinavian spa… I was fully relaxed and blissfully happy, and completely oblivious of what was about to happen. I knew we were going out for a nice and romantic dinner and the day has been pretty fabulous and special already. He made it even more special and unforgettable by asking me to marry him!…”

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