Whytecliff park wedding, best photography location in Vancouver

Best Photography Location in Vancouver

My Favourite Photography Location

There are definitely a lot of great photography locations in Vancouver. I have to confess that my absolute favourite is Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver, BC. It is a charming west coast park where any Vancouver photographer can find an area of interest. Depending on the weather and tide cycles this park might surprise you.

I also like to add a nearby Caulfield park to the photoshoot when coming back from theWhytecliff Park. You can get a couple posing on the rocks with Vancouver downtown as a background with sunset colours.

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A wedding couple hugging standing on the cliff, looking at Vancouver downtown posing for wedding photographer in Vancouver

Girl in white dress portrait | Vancouver fine art photographer

Best Photography Locations inĀ  North America

Here is what my fellow photographers are saying about their favourite photo locations!

Kansas City Wedding Photographer

“One of the great things about Kansas City is that it’s an old and big city. That means there are places that have been around for a hundred years and have a completely different style and look to them. one of my favourite places to take photos in Kansas City is West Bottoms.

It is filled with historic buildings, but the area has been revitalized and is now the cool place to go. There are big bridges, cool backgrounds, and neat little shops like the West Bottoms Whiskey. At West Bottoms there are so many options that it makes it the perfect place for photos.”

Couple kissing on the beautiful photography location couple laughing and looking at each other couple kissing during photoshoot

Charlotte Wedding Photographer

“My name is Steph and I am a Charlotte Wedding Photographer and my favourite photography location is Fisher Farmer Park. I am obsessed with nature and greenery. This park is a dream come true. There are woods, tall grass, and so much landscape. The sunsets perfectly behind all the tall trees. It is my happy place!”

couple hugging during photoshoot engagement couple hugging engagement couple sitting on the grass hugging

Colorado Wedding Photographer

“My favourite place to photograph in Colorado is in Rocky Mountain National Park. While the park is open year-round, Trail Ridge Road is only open for a portion of the year when the weather permits. This location is special because you can’t access it year-round.

However, what makes this location even more extra special is if you come at sunrise! Not only will you have the whole place to yourself, but you will be met by the most vibrant and peaceful sunrise. Although it might be a little windy, you will be too distracted by the pink and purple rays lighting up the mountains in such a mesmerizing and beautiful way that you won’t mind! ”

bride and groom standing on the cliff at the best photography location bride and groom kissing in the park bride and groom holding each other with the blanket on the shoulders with the best photography location at the background

Boulder Wedding Photographer

“I love photographing engagement sessions in the park area surrounding Red Rocks amphitheatre! It’s an easily accessible area, and pretty diverse. You of course have the red rocks, mountains, different foliage, and it’s dog friendly! This is about as easy and beautiful of an engagement session as you can get!”

couple hugging and smiling couple looking at each other couple during engagement session smiling

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